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The board of directors can appoint one person or more than one person as a director of the company who implements the policies of the company.the appointment of the director is made as per the Articles of Association or according to section 152 of the Companies Act,2013.

Qualifications to be appointed as a director

  • He/she must be above the age of 18 years
  • He/she must be qualified as per the Companies Act,2013
  • He/she must be eligible as per AoA of the company

Disqualification to be appointed as a director

  • Unsound mind
  • Undischarged insolvent
  • A person who has been imprisoned more than 6 months and not elapsed 5 years time
  • Disqualified by Court or tribunal
  • A person applied for to be adjudicated  as insolvent and his/her petition is pending
  • A person who has not been allotted DIN

Required documents for the Appointment of director

  • Copy of PAN card of the proposed director
  • DSC of proposed director
  • DIN of proposed director
  • Consent of proposed director to act as a director
  • Copy of resolution passed by the company
  • Letter of appointment issued by board of directors
  • Form DIR-13 

Procedure for the appointment of director

  • Consent of the proposed director in form DIR-2
  • Obtaining DSC of proposed director
  • Obtaining DIN of proposed director
  • Board meeting and resolution of company to appoint as a director
  • Letter of appointment by Board of directors
  • Filing for DIR-12 to Registrar of Companies

Requirements of minimum and maximum directors in a company

Type of CompanyNumber of minimum directorsNumber of maximum directors
Private Limited companyMinimum 2 directors

Maximum 15 directors

Public Limited CompanyMinimum 3 directorsMaximum 15 directors
One person companyMinimum 1 directorMaximum 15 directors

Note : The maximum number of directors in a Private,public and one person company can increased beyond 15 by passing a special resolution

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