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Rental agreement is a mutual contract between the landlord and tenant,the property owner gives right to the tenant to occupy the house for a specific period of time.The rental agreement consisting terms and conditions and plays important role in maintaining good relationship between the landlord and tenant.

Benefits of rental agreemet

  • Legal compliance
  • Useful for bank account opening
  • Useful for aadhar update
  • Useful for passport
  • Avoid future disputes between the landlord and tenant

Contents of rental agreement

The following contents should be used in rental agreement

  • Name of the parties
  • Time period
  • Premises address
  • Landlord duties
  • Tenant duties
  • Security deposit
  • Monthly rental amount
  • Sub-lease clause
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Signature of the both parties 
  • signature of the witness
  • Governing law and jurisdiction

Types of rental agreements

There are two types are rental agreements those are : 

  • Lease agreement : This type of rental agreement is minimum 12 months and governed by respective state rent control laws.
  • Lease & licence agreement : This type of rental agreement doesn't fall under rent control laws and time period can be up to 11 months.

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