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An income tax return is a form that an individuals,LLP, Partnership Firms,Association of Person, Body of Individuals and companies have to submit every year to the Income Tax department on his/her/its income. Tax has to pay on the following income categories

  • Income from salary
  • Income from business/Professionals
  • Income from house tax property
  • Income from capital gain
  • Income from other sources such as interest on deposits,lottery,royalty income etc..

Type of ITR forms

Form type



( Sahaj )

To be filed by individual residents of india having total income upto 50 lakhs within a financial year from the following sources

  • Income from salary
  • One house property
  • Agriculture income upto Rs.5,000/-
  • other sources excluding winning of lottery and racing


To be filed by individual/HUF residents of india who are not eligible to file ITR-1 and business income and professional income
ITR-3To be filed by individual residents of India having income business or profession



To be filed by resident Indian/HUF/Partnership firm ( other than LLP ) whose income not exceeding 50 lakhs during the financial year income from business and profession which is computed on presumptive basis U/s 44 AD,44ADA,44AE. Income from salary/pension,one house property,agriculture income up to Rs.5,000/-
To be filed by firms,Association of persons,Limited Liability Partnership,Body of Individuals,Artificial Judicial person,estate of deceased,estate of insolvent ,business trust and investment 
To be filed by every company registered under Companies Act,2013 or the companies Act,1956. however companies whose income from property held for religious or charitable purpose are exempted under section 11
ITR-7To be filed by  Companies,firms,Association of persons,Limited Liability Partnership,Body of Individuals income comes from the properties that are working for religious or charitable purpose


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