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The National Commission for Women setup as statutory body in January 1992 under the National Commission for women Act,1990. NCW receives complaints any case involving deprivation of women's right or harassment of women in India.

What type of complaints can file before NCW ?

Complaints related to following categories can file before NCW

  • Free legal aid for women
  • Rape/attempt to rape
  • Denial of maternity benefits to women
  • Sexual harassment of women at workplace 
  • Domestic violations related matters
  • Police torture
  • False implications
  • Dowry death
  • Cyber crimes against women
  • Trafficking/Prostitution of women
  • Acid attack
  • Illegal arrest
  • Bigamy/polygamy 
  • Outraging modesty of women
  • Stalking/Voyeurism 
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Traditional practices against women like sathi pratha,devadasi pratha and witch hunting etc..

Frequently Asked Questions

How to file complaint before NCW ?

Complaint can file by online or offline by victim or on behalf of victim by any other person.

Do I need a lawyer for filing a complaint before NCW ?

No, filing of a complaint in NCW does not require a lawyer,you can file yourself or someone on behalf  you but lawyer help is recommended for drafting of complaint after that you can appear by practical most of the cases physical appearance of complainant not required commission itself can seek reports from the concerned authorities and dispose the case by giving proper directions.

Can I lodge complaint against private person ?

Respondent/opposite party should not be private person must be a public servant. 

Can I file complaint in my own language ?

Yes, complaint can file in Hindi or English or any language included in eighth schedule of the constitution.


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