Society Registration


Society is an association of individuals work together for common purposes without profit motive.usually societies are registered for the purpose of culture,arts,music,religion,political,trade association,educations,ports,women,children,orphans,depressed,senior citizens,environment protection,human rights etc. 

Registration process for Society registration in India

  • Choose name for Society
  • Minimum seven (7) members required
  • Two witness ( witness should not be members in society) and their identity proofs 
  • Addrees proof,age,profession of members
  • Prepare Aims and ojectives of the society
  • Prepare Bye-laws of the society
  • Collecting of relevent documents
  • Submit for registration
  • Obtain the registration certificate

Documents required for registration 

  • Society bye-laws
  • Proof of identity of members (Aadhar card/voter ID/Passport/Driving Licence )
  • Passport size colour Photographs of the members
  • Proof of the registered office address of the society

Society Compliances after registration

  • Obtain PAN card
  • Open bank account
  • Maintain proper accounts
  • Annual IT returns filings
  • GST registration -If applicable

Tax Exemptions for Trusts 

12A Certificate : A Society or an NGO can get 12A certificate from the Income Tax Department, aTrust having 12A certificate exempted to pay Income tax for the entire Life time on its income.

80G Certificate : A society or an NGO can get 80G certificate from the Income Tax Department, donors of the trust can get tax exemption through 80G certificate.

Benefits of Society registration

  • Legal protection
  • Easy fund raising
  • Tax exemptions
  • Social recognition 
  • Chance to serve needy


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