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A will is a document and deceleration of a person's will when he/she was live,on that document a person who testate his property whether movable or immovable,money ,etc. after his/her death.The will come into force only after the death of a person who testate a will.the person last will only legal and valid and the will can be edited and altered prior to death of testator.

Rules to make a will

According to section 59 from the Indian succession act the following person can make a will

  • Sound mind
  • Person above the age of 18 can draft a will

Requirements to draft a will

  • Details of the testator and address
  • Details of the beneficiary 
  • Details of the property,cash,assets and wealth
  • Details of the percentage and shares given to the each one 
  • Specific direction of the will
  • Signatures of the witness and testator 

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