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1. legalzone.biz is no way, directly or indirectly responsible for the consultation and assistance provided by the Lawyers. We are a technology company enabling legal service providers to access the client demand through our platform. legalzone.biz has no control over the Services provided by the Lawyer listed on our platform as he is independent of legalzone and not an employee ours. legalzone.biz will not be responsible in case of any issues/discrepancies with the Services provided by the Lawyer.

All of the materials and information on the Website are provided for informational purposes only, and may not reflect current legal developments or variances in the law of different jurisdictions. The materials and information on the Website do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Lawyers of the Law Firms, their partners, clients or affiliates. The information in the Website is not guaranteed to be correct,complete or up to date. The mere receipt of an e-mail from or a 'post' on the Website does not create an Lawyer-client relationship. The applicable Lawyer / Law Firm is solely responsible for providing its services to you, and you agree that legalzone.biz shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of such services (including, without limitation, claims based on malpractice). You agree that any claim arising out of your relationship with a Legal expert, Law Firm or Lawyer shall be brought solely against such Legal Expert, Law Firm or Lawyer because legalzone.biz is doing nothing more than aggregating all kind legal service demand generated on the website for the listed lawyers, legal experts and the Law Firms to enable their respective practices, neither legalzone.biz nor any of its licensors or affiliates shall be included within any such claim.

legalzone.biz, Legal experts, Lawyers / Professionals using legalzone.biz to provide online consultations (collectively “Lawyers”), Affiliates and Third-party providers (collectively “Affiliates”) would serve you to the best of their ability under the following terms and conditions:

1. USING THE legalzone.biz WEBSITE All users must be eighteen years or older. In the case of minor Consumers (under eighteen (18 years), a parent or guardian must accept this Agreement and guide all consultations under the services offered. The User takes full responsibility for ensuring that the information submitted is accurate. legalzone.biz shall make no effort to validate any information provided by the Consumer for use in Services with respect to content, correctness or usability. We with an intention to provide the best service possible could ask you to share more information as and when needed.

2. HOW DOES IT WORK? If you choose to opt a Paid Service at legalzone.biz, you will be charged a fee. The fee paid by you is paid to the Lawyer and is a payment by which you compensate the Lawyer for the time spent in providing you with services in a limited-scope Lawyer-client relationship. The fee is also intended in part to cover legalzone.biz's technology maintenance and other costs involved in operating the Website business. The fee paid towards paid services is only towards the scope defined under the services offered for that particular booking and post the consultation, you may or may not engage the Lawyer directly towards any further services you wish to avail from the respective Lawyer. legalzone.biz is no way, directly or indirectly responsible for the consultation and assistance provided by the Lawyers. Once you pay the fee and your booking is confirmed, you are intimated about the same via email, SMS and / or phone. WE DO NOT IN ANY WAY SOLICIT, ENDORSE, PROMOTE ANY INDIVIDUAL LISTED ON WEBSITE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WE BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE FOR ANY DECISION MADE OR ACTION TAKEN BY YOU IN RELIANCE ON SUCH INFORMATION.